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KGDB patches

The patches below are the GDB stubs required to debug a linux kernel and/or a RTAI-enabled linux kernel.

The original patch comes from, and the sysrq additions from

My only contribution was forward porting the patch to the 2.4.2[01245] kernels. The port to 2.4.23 was kindly provided by Jonathan Sambrook.

Remember to disable 'KGDB Threads Analysis' when debugging RTAI real time modules

Filename Size Md5sum
kgdb-1.6-for-2.4.20.patch.bz2 24990 bytes f936d7b27f8cefcf58a4a79ff82a2926
kgdb-1.6-for-2.4.21.patch.bz2 25059 bytes 8cc7faca95ae0ea5e7401d6df0bba63b
kgdb-1.6-for-2.4.22.patch.bz2 25033 bytes 43e064ba5a764d4c713f5206e4cec3c6
kgdb-1.6-for-2.4.23.patch.bz2 24919 bytes 21053a67f098268ef1e344ee23138848
kgdb-1.6-for-2.4.24.patch.bz2 24962 bytes 0ae52132b7ef64903b943f80c3e89096
kgdb-1.9-for-2.4.24.patch.bz2 33655 bytes 94bd1594b197a596e317912e9e4b8911
kgdb-1.9-for-2.4.25.patch.bz2 33730 bytes d0956cb36c72d7076354b15d7014bf55
kgdb-1.6-for-2.4.22+rthal5g.patch.bz2 31857 bytes ec354124b37b781d335797a2617ebb2f
kgdb-1.6-for-2.4.20+rthal5g.patch.bz2 25128 bytes 5120ed3b3691752db6f35c23b574d1a7

Stelian Pop
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